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The Biodynamic Agriculture, Agro-Homeopathy and Ecology course is intended to be a healing impulse for the Earth, as an operational tool for integrating man with the environment for the recovery of the ecosystem and the quality of food. The complex and differentiated natural scenario is the prerequisite for a revaluation of the land and landscape, through innovative methods and the recovery of traditional production activities. This recovery constitutes the revaluation of the past as a prerequisite for an innovative attitude towards the future. In this way, man and environment, past and present, integrate with each other, offering new opportunities in the economic and social sphere. The subjects that form the basis of the course are: the Business Organism, the relationship between the Universe, Earth and Man as the basis of the practice of Biodynamic agriculture. Goetheanism and life, the practice of fertilization, the health of the plant as a result of the health of the company organism, the health of the farmed animal, agriculture and landscape, application of the method in Mediterranean crops, agriculture and social triarticulation. Ecological and botanical aspects of the territory. Agro-Homeopathy. Biodiversity as a resource and as a key to interpreting the territory.

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