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Promote and recover an anthropocentric model as a basis for the exchange of values in the dialogue between individuals and cultures. From the pedagogical point of view, it is intended to promote those forms of education which are oriented towards considering the person as the foundation of human existence, and which therefore are aimed at creating the conditions so that each individual can find in the pedagogical relationship the opportunity to develop its specific talents that constitute the true authentic resource for the future. Promote those forms of therapeutic approach that are aimed at considering the organism as a system in which individuality is objectively manifested, and the individuality of the patient as the protagonist of the disease and healing process, and in this, to re-evaluate the doctor-patient relationship as a prerequisite for interpreting and elaborating the problem of the disease.


Renew and expand spaces for sharing and dialogical and territorial interaction;
Develop new projects in the context of the relationship and integration between man and the environment, which can recover the artistic, natural and cultural values of the landscape;
Accompany, support and enhance initiatives that bring added value to the territory, initiatives based on the desire to operate in the social, pedagogical and / or therapeutic fields, connected to the vision and methodological foundations of anthroposophy

Therapeutic Pedagogy and Sociotherapy I and II

Two preparatory meetings that propose the study and learning of the methodological bases for a renewal of anthropology and evolutionary anthropology: the temporal structures of the evolutionary and maturation process of consciousness. The construction of the forms of space and time as a prerequisite of the individual relationship with reality and the opposing aspects of getting sick in relation to the development and maturation of consciousness: from identifying consciousness to individual consciousness. It will deal with the relationship between pedagogy and therapy in the evolutionary and maturative path of consciousness: curative pedagogy and the new paths for a pedagogical and therapeutic extension: curative pedagogy 2. Sociotherapy in its practical aspects and its contribution to social integration and to the construction of a holding company.

Individuality and Community - School and Social Triarticulation

The fundamental characteristic of our age is the development of individuality. The attribute of individuality is the faculty to enter into a conscious relationship with itself and to enter into a relationship with reality starting from itself. This involves a complete transformation of social life and the life of the community. Men meet and recognize each other as individuals, and from this comes a dialogue and mutual understanding which constitutes an impulse to transform society into a community of free and equal men, who from this condition can develop feelings of solidarity and participation. . The institutions that derive from this awareness of the central role of individuality in the construction of the future society must re-propose them in their forms. A Community that wants to be aware of the new social conditions and that wants to promote the development of individuality, in order to make it the essential element of a social renewal, can only be articulated by differentiating itself precisely in a three-part structure where the ideals of freedom, of brotherhood and equality can be realized as social forms corresponding to the objective needs of our time.

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