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rinascita 18 palermo arte-terapia formaz


Astrosophy and Occult Science

The seminar proposes the study of the book "Occult Science" by R. Steiner in the perspective of Astrosophy. Beginning to know the various incarnations of the planet on which we live, we will transport the qualities of each planetary phase into our personal astral birth chart, in order to work to know and harmonize our existence. We will thus approach the planets and the zodiac starting from the original meanings and translating them into real life, a life lived with the possibility of understanding and using our talents, also recognizing obstacles through the study of the shadow (an asset that moved over time has become male) of which we will try to recover the deep and original meaning. Each participant will need to have their astral birth chart with them and a notebook to write down the interpretations of each aspect.

Philosophy, Anthroposophy and Theater

Anthroposophy eradicates itself in the evolutionary and maturative process of consciousness and in the transformations of the experience of reality that take place in the temporal rhythms of historical becoming. Within this becoming we can recognize a crucial moment in the transformation of consciousness, in the passage from the epoch of the spontaneous myth-poietic imagination to the phase of the development of thought. The thought that comes from the myth: it is the beginning of Philosophy. In the same way we can recognize an equally important critical moment in the contemporary era, marked by the problematic relationship between thinking and being.
Anthroposophics is placed in this critical moment as an expression of an ascending impulse of consciousness, towards the conscious conquest of the imagination as a result of the metamorphosis of thought towards the introspection of the universal logic that manifests itself and takes place in the different expressions of reality. .

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