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Rebirth 18is an Academy of Higher Anthroposophical Education that works to offer an opportunity for continuous and multidisciplinary training and to develop and support Cultural Activities, in order to introduce training participants to the essential aspects of anthroposophy and methodology, providing the basics knowledge and insights by subject area, through a wide and diversified training offer. Rinascita18 is registered in the member list of HOLISTIC CEPRAOhowBodyAndECP Provider. Our courses will allow you to acquire training credits for the achievement of training and professional updating objectives.


Contribute to the paradigm change for the design of a society of the future that responds to a real expectation of humanity, through a holistic vision based on anthroposophical studies and understanding of visible and invisible reality:
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Make a real contribution in various fields of life: from medicine to agriculture, from philosophy to pedagogy, combining science with spiritual experience.

Chi Siamo
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Give a creative impulse through our training projects in the anthropological field and in the pedagogical and therapeutic field, in the most universal sense of the term, to meet the needs of an active and conscious participation in the problems and challenges of the contemporary age, in terms of cultural and social level.
The impulse is aimed in particular at young people for an opening to new perspectives on the level of work and on the level of a conscious and responsible participation in social life, through a rigorous desire for training, with respect to those skills that are necessary to face the aspects critics of the life of our time, drawing on the vast content heritage of anthroposophy and its impulses in the various areas of practical life.


•  To offer contents and tools of knowledge, which can contribute to the formation of an individual and social conscience;
Create the conditions for providing adequate cultural and professional preparation, in order to consciously and responsibly carry out work in favor of the community to which one belongs.
Deepen the ideals ofSocial triarticulationfromRudolf Steiner, as an impulse for a renewal both of individual life and of relational life in the social sphere.
To guide young people to choose their own path but also to accompany adults in training and in the transition to new jobs, often as a result of moments of employment crisis.
Identification of qualification, updating and retraining, specialization paths, functional to the talents of which each individual is a carrier.


Rinascita18 Srl Benefit Companyhas as its object the performance of the following activities:

Educational activities, education, training in the therapeutic / medical, philosophical, sociological, scientific, artistic and pedagogical fields, through the creation, implementation, management and promotion of courses, masters, seminars, conferences, study and research groups, training and especially training courses for teachers, management of schools of all levels, universities and post-university courses;
Creation and organization of networks and events in the different areas of culture, in the philosophical, scientific and artistic fields, with particular reference to all those events aimed at enhancing the dignity of man and the protection of the environment; in particular, it will be able to create and organize social networks and events that aim to improve the quality of life of the Community, such as festivals, public events and in particular cultural and pedagogical events open to the public, meeting opportunities for conferences, workshops, shows, play experiences and artistic;
Publishing and communication activities, public relations;
Management of human resources and the territory and socio-pedagogical support for the formation of communities;
The provision, through collaborators duly authorized by law, of consultancy in the medical, pedagogical and therapeutic fields.

tipologia formazioni

Multidisciplinary educational paths and permanent training in the area of Pedagogy, Medicine, Biodynamics and Ecology, Humanities and Social Sciences.

In the course of long periods there has been a radical mutation of the fundamental perspectives of educational methods, mutations that coincide exactly with the profound transformations of humanity's way of being and experiencing. At the same time, the extension of knowledge in the medical field requires the recovery of a new anthropological model that can place the doctor-patient relationship at the center of the disease and healing process. Furthermore, the new problems linked to the environment require a renewal of agricultural methods, capable of guaranteeing and promoting natural balances and food quality. The training offer is divided into different types of courses, as well as the organization of seminars, conferences and study groups.
Lifelong learning or lifelong learning is an integral part of the training offer of Rinascita 18 Accademia Antroposofica, which aims to provide an answer to a demand for knowledge expressed in many areas of today's society. Lifelong learning is not intended only as learning for employment purposes, but as individual and social learning. The educational programs promoted by Rinascita 18 are specifically designed to provide an answer to the various personal needs of the participants, to provide the knowledge bases of the anthropological, anthroposophical, methodological vision and to provide specific skills. The skills acquired through the tools of anthroposophics, methodology and self-education provide a preparation for the world of work according to an anthropocentric vision. The educational programs can also provide an important retraining in the already acquired professional skills of the participants.

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The courses ofHigh formationwant to offer participants the opportunity of a training course, for the practice of the Art of Education, Medical and Therapeutic Art
Anthroposophics and Biodynamics applied to Ecology

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There Thematic Training
it takes place in in-depth meetings
on issues relating to a broadening of the horizon
cognitive and operational through anthroposophics.

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TheSpecializationsthey are courses that provide knowledge
and skills for functions required in the exercise of particulars
professions, aimed at training specialists in
certain sectors.

All participants under the age of 21 or 28 years old can be admitted for some specific routes. Mandatory preliminary interview with the student candidate for Higher Education and Specialization.

Disciplinary areas
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