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Student training and services

It guarantees support for the provision of educational activities for study courses and seminars, with particular reference to the preparation and management of lesson and laboratory schedules, manages and controls the attendance register and organizes intensive weeks of multidisciplinary study.

Secure information to students via e-mail;

It manages the study courses, from activation to the organization of lesson times, internships and the calendars of the presentations of the final works.

Coordinates and manages support for the design, approval and implementation of advanced training courses and specialized and thematic training courses. It manages relations with the external subjects involved, student admissions and all the administrative and accounting activities of the courses. It deals with the verification and monitoring of the delivery of teaching activities.

It is responsible for determining the contribution of students on the basis of the actual economic situation of the student's family unit, assigns, through a scholarship competition, total and partial exemptions and checks the declarations relating to the socio-economic conditions of the beneficiaries.

Manages the preparation of training and participation certificates.

It collaborates and supports teachers for teaching proposals or additions to new courses and study seminars, specializations / modifications and for defining the criteria for access to courses.


Rinascita 18 Srl Benefit Companywas created to promote a large original educational project inspired by the Social Triarticulation and an anthroposophical conception of reality and life, proposing a pedagogical approach inspired by the work ofRudolf Steiner. The company implements the purpose for which it was born: managing training courses, seminars and events and, the primary objective of the company's policy is to promote its complex educational project which stands out for:

The intention to continue to educate according to the reference values: truth, freedom, solidarity - which culminate in the offer of an overall orientation about self-knowledge, as a starting point, for the discovery of one's own path in life;

The careful planning and implementation of projects aimed at accompanying the personal growth of students by providing them with the necessary tools to exercise responsible freedom, which makes them protagonists in civil society and subjects of active citizenship;

Responsibility for the choice of training courses, making a synthesis between the objectives given to education and the needs and potential of users in relation to the expectations and needs of the territory;

The ability to carry out a pedagogical project in order to acquire knowledge, develop skills and the maturation of specific skills, to grasp in any reality, made the subject of investigation and study, those questions of meaning and meaning that every man and woman are calls to ask;

The ability to promote the educational success of all pupils through an organization of the educational relationship and teaching, based on personalization.

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