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An expansion of the medical art cannot depend only on a cognitive updating, but substantially depends on a transformation of oneself for which the doctor freely takes responsible step by step. The course includes an attention to the natural processes related to human sickness and healing, along anthropology, pathophysiology, pharmacy and therapy.
The artistic experience is a formative journey in line with the study plan and its goals.


The Anthroposophical Extended Medicine Training Course is designed for doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists. Graduated auditors and students in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences and Health Professionals are admitted.
The course has two fundamental objectives. The first objective is an expansion of the cognitive horizon, on the basis of an integration of the experimental data with the interpretative tools derived from an observational phenomenological method of investigation, which can lead, both objective and experimental data, to a systemic representation of the man founded on the individuality of the patient. The second objective is to translate everything that has been acquired on the cognitive and interpretative level into operational tools on a clinical and therapeutic level. We propose to work for an expansion of the diagnostic horizon in which the individuality of the patient emerges as a subject of illness and recovery, developing new therapeutic strategies in which the prescription of traditional drugs can be integrated and
enriched by the wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge of anthroposophic medicine. Furthermore, this integration is aimed at re-evaluating the function of the patient as a subject of illness and healing, where the disease is interpreted in the biopathographic panorama of the patient and healing as an opportunity for transformation in the individual maturation process. On this basis we propose to consider and deepen those forms of therapy that would make the patient an active subject in the healing process, considered as the result of a work of interpretation and elaboration of the disease. For this reason, space will also be given to non-pharmacological therapies which involve an active participation of the patient's individual resources such as Art Therapy, the Art of the Word and Eurythmy. The whole course would like to have, from the beginning, a practical cut aimed at giving the doctor renewed observational and operational skills, in order to emphasize the doctor-patient relationship and, in general, the therapeutic relationship as a human and social foundation. of the art of healing.

Course: Training in Anthroposophical Medicine
588 hours of classroom lessons, artistic experiences and seminars

Structure:Friday 4pm - 8pm Saturday 9am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm and Sunday 9am - 1pm / Intensive week 9am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm
Duration:Two years beyond the internships and practical activity

Subject of training for doctors, dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians, accredited with national value by the Sicilian Region pursuant to the State Regions Agreement of 07.02.2013 with decree N ° 983 of 30-05-2018 (identification 0216MEDNC).


Art therapy, based on anthroposophy, is applied in collaboration with doctors. It does not use the artistic elements for psychological purposes or to make only diagnoses; artistic therapy leads the human being back to the primordial laws of creation, so that through this process he experiences them and can regain harmony. Thus, through this therapy, one learns to observe, to listen, to move, to feel and
to think more consciously. You learn to understand creation better. Through the enthusiasm for nature, for beauty, for rhythm and harmony, it is possible to reach an internal and external healing. The course aims to offer the participant the opportunity of a modular training course that opens the possibility of a new professional figure governed by law 4/2013 to exercise the free profession of anthroposophical artistic operator. The course aims to give students an exclusive preparation, unique in its kind, of biographical harmonizer with the figurative arts. The teaching tools are provided by Rudolf Steiner's knowledge of anthroposophy.

Conception and birth, pregnancy and childbirth

Training seminar in the medical field of anthroposophical medicine, dedicated to the conception, birth and care of the small child from the origin of his existential path. It also deals with how to take care of the child in his first months of life and the pathological problems in the first years. Outline of clinic and therapy in the gynecological field.
Menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and childbirth. Physical, functional and medicinal therapies in gynecology.

Nutrition according to Spiritual Science

Training seminar in the field of health and anthroposophical medicine, dedicated to Nutrition according to spiritual science: healthy growth, concentration, social behavior and formation of the will. It will also deal with the development of the child as a basis for the free formation of the soul-spiritual: foundations of a science of scientific-spiritual nutrition, prenatal questions, the infant - the small child - the schoolboy - puberty, nutrition and temperaments, diet in the days of illness, nutrition and dental health, small dietetics.

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