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Margarida Tavares

Rinascita 18 Srl Società Benefit is the first benefit company born in Sicily from the impulse of Orto in Arte, at the Botanical Garden of the University of Palermo for the commemoration of Palermo, the Italian Capital of Culture in 2018.
We work to develop and support cultural activity and to offer an opportunity for continuous and multidisciplinary training, in order to introduce participants to training and the essential aspects of anthroposophy and the Goetheanistic method. By making available the knowledge bases, through the study of the evolutionary phases of man and through an intense and differentiated artistic experience, it is possible to acquire indications and ideas for a path of self-knowledge and inner evolution. In this way, the conditions for a cultural and professional preparation can be created, in order to consciously and responsibly carry out work in favor of the community to which one belongs. The Academy elaborates, develops and proposes a didactic program with contents and knowledge tools that can contribute to the formation of an individual and social conscience. To this end, it makes use of the study and deepening for the practice of the ideals of Social Triarticulation as an impulse for renewal, both of individual life and of relational life in the social sphere.

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Director of Rinascita18 Srl Benefit Company, Training Body and Cultural Enterprise

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