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Carmelo Samonà

Anthroposophy is an instrument of self-education and self-transformation, aimed at broadening the horizon of knowledge and experience of reality, up to those contents which constitute its spiritual foundation. It is therefore a question of a path of formation and transformation, which rests on an individual free act, on a process of education undertaken starting from the free and conscious use of those capacities that find their application in the development of the waking consciousness. . With respect to this path, the contents of anthroposophy would like to act as tools of self-training and self-education, aimed at being able to awaken in itself an expansion of the knowledge of the meaning of reality. a doctrine of truth. A pure theory and doctrine of truth responds to an attitude of the soul that is no longer adequate to the interior needs of contemporary spiritual life.For the way of being of contemporary humanity, the relationship with the spiritual dimension cannot be reduced to a theory, but it must be transformed into a concrete experience, lived within reality, as a result of an interior metamorphosis, which can only take place through that interior initiative which is the product of a free individual act. This interior attitude, aimed at the concrete experience of the spiritual foundations of reality, through the development of a free individual initiative, constitutes the radical difference between the anthroposophical spiritual current and the other forms of spiritual and cultural life. The relationship with spiritual contents, in fact, is not conceived as a revelation from above or as an ecstatic elevation, which kidnaps man into a higher dimension, nor as a revelation that imposes itself from the outside as an expression of a metaphysical will to which man must conform. The attitude of the anthroposophist is the exact opposite of all this, it is the result of a reversal of perspective in the relationship with the spiritual foundations of reality. The contents of anthroposophy want to be the result of an investigation aimed at the spiritual experience, which starts from a conscious education, which starts from a free act and which produces the development of those inner forces that spring from fullness. awakening of self-awareness. The experience of truth is therefore not conceived on the basis of a receptive attitude of subjection to a truth presupposed as a doctrine, nor on the ecstatic abandonment that extinguishes the individual conscience. The experience of truth is therefore not the result of a presupposed truth, which becomes a profession of faith, a devotion of sentiment, a norm of the will. The experience of truth must be the result of an act of individual transformation, which rises to the spiritual foundations of reality. The truth, therefore, must be fully evident to one's own individual conscience, and this can only happen through the development, the intensification of those faculties that the human being has precisely to the extent that he autonomously carries out his conscious activity. It is from full consciousness that those forces must be drawn that make man capable of broadening his experiential horizon, up to the spiritual foundations of reality. In this way, anthroposophy would like to be a tool for exercising, in a free and intentional way, one's own conscious faculties, in order to awaken the conscience and raise it beyond the outer limits of reality. The inner initiative as a result of a free and conscious act, is that driving force of the soul, which through a process of self-education can lead man to experience the reasons for his existence and draw from this experience the ability to elevate his moral life up to the dimension of freedom. In the sense of what we have said, anthroposophy can be considered a path that would like to lead the spiritual that lives in man towards the spiritual that is the foundation of the Universe.


Didactic direction, lecturer and teacher of Rinascita18 Academy of Advanced Anthroposophical Education

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